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With such a large campus community, it can be hard to remain up-to-date on the various ways our colleagues are contributing to the development of a culture of belonging for all Cornell staff, faculty, and students. The Inclusive Excellence Summit is a one-day event that will provide an opportunity for the campus community to get together to share what initiatives or projects they are working on while exploring new ways to engage and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Participants will hear from speaker who will share tools and strategies that will help cultivate an engaged and diverse workforce, promote opportunity for leadership and advancement at the university, and establish a culture of belonging at Cornell. They will also learn from one another in workshop-style sessions aimed at helping them explore actions and strategies they can take back to their own units and committees throughout the institution.


The summit will take place every other year, starting Summer 2019, during the month of June. Check back here often for the most up-to-date information.


The 2019 Inclusive Excellence Summit will take place on June 11th! Limited seating is available, and we ask that you commit to the full day.  Register today by clicking here